Feature Request: Registrar Transfer between Cloudflare Accounts

@cscharff I think we can all agree this is a bewildering “feature” to be lacking, especially on the Cloudflare platform where many of us operate numerous accounts for different businesses/personal/etc.

Cloudflare being an “at cost” registrar doesn’t preclude adding this very desirable feature, particularly when it’s turned into such a huge “gotcha” for so many Cloudflare customers.

Most of us are finding out this huge limitation after transferring in or registering a domain, and then later needing to move it to another account. After all, ICANN rules do allow transferring after the 60 day hold - so why not be able to move domains to another account?

It’s wild that the only solution available is to transfer-out the domains to a 3rd party registrar, pay the annual fee, wait 60 days, then transfer back into Cloudflare, and pay another annual fee (which sometimes getting eaten by ICANN). This is a really disruptive, and painful work-around.

From what I can tell, the limitation is caused by Cloudflare not allowing you to change Nameservers after a “site” is created in the UI. Perhaps there’s more behind the scene that needs to happen as well, but the Nameserver thing is the point where most of us realize we’re screwed during this process…

This really ought to be a “feature” Cloudflare offers… it’s dumbfounding it’s an issue at all, honestly.


This really needs to be addressed, it’s a serious problem for consulting firms where domains are purchased for short-term projects. I naively assumed we could transfer domains between accounts. When working with enterprise clients we don’t have time to go through their process flows for domain purchases, and often the consultant will buy them. As a result we’ve halted all new domain purchases from cloudflare until this is resolved. Using a single account for hundreds of domains would be too risky.


This is a key issue that needs to be added. I’d hate to have to transfer 300 domains away from Cloudflare! But we need to move them to another account. And it seems the only way to do this is to transfer them out.


I have one personal and business account. I would like to transfer domains from my business to personal account as my business is winding down. This gacha affects business closure, and makes managing domains difficult. I’m bewildered as to why Cloudflare don’t have engineering resources to get something so basic implemented.


Just ran into this today!: I hope this feature becomes available


I’m baffled that this doesn’t exist—customers are forced to leave Cloudflare ownership needs to change :man_facepalming:t2:

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This is really unbelievable that Cloudflare cannot implement something to transfer domains within a corporate account between users.


This has become such a requested feature that now the Support decision tree has this as one of 8 choices when asking for tech support from Cloudflare. And when you select the option to “Transfer a domain between accounts”, you are redirected to this thread.

I requested this feature over two years ago and it has been requested by hundreds of others over the last several years.

This should not be a discussion of IF Cloudflare should implement this feature but WHEN?

Cheers! Steve


It’s unbelievable this is not available yet. What is going on here!?


Adding my vote here - as a paying Cloudflare customer (for many services, not just registrar) I need the ability to transfer several domain registrations to another Cloudflare account.

Requiring a transfer out, a 60 day waiting period, and then a transfer back in is crazy. I did not realize when transferring domains into Cloudflare Registrar that they are “stuck” in this way.

There are so many use cases for transfers between accounts that cannot be solved with simple permissioning: professionalization of side projects, sold businesses, spin outs, and even mistakes where people transferred a domain to Cloudflare registrar without being aware of this limitation.

Please add this feature.


What is holding this from being implemented? Cloudflare controls the whole chain to transfer the domain from one account to another, what are they waiting for?


This is ridiculous. How can a serious company like this not have a basic ability to transfer domains between accounts?


this needs to be a thing!!


Please add this functionality asap


I am attempting to undo this non advisable situation an split a single account into multiple. Unfortunately, I can’t easily do this without this feature.

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and I can’t update the Name servers in the new account - so I can not even move the old fashion way. I love Cloudflare for everything. This is the first time I’ve been STUCK with a fundamental issue.

PLEASE enable this, or enable the ability to update Name Servers so that I can move to the new account. I am stuck in purgatory.

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I ran into this problem.
I’d like Cloudflare to fix this ASAP, as it was a massive inconvenience.
However, I also have temporary workarounds, which I would like to share:

Solution for the PERSONAL vs BUSINESS Cloudflare Account conundrum

1. Short Term: Fixing Purgatory Situation

I solved the purgatory by reverting manually – I delete it again from the business account, and re-adding it back to the personal Cloudflare account. Things resumed back as normal. This tip was given to me from Cloudflare Support request under my paid business account.

2. Same-Day Medium Term Fix

For an “immediate business DNS management” solution; there’s a near-instant (24 hours) workaround:

  1. Get the business to register for a transfer at a third party same-day-transfer registrar such as GoDaddy temporarily (etc).
  2. Approve the transfer from your personal Cloudflare account, to the business’ choice of third party same-day-transfer registrar.
  3. Now, have the business add the domain to the business Cloudflare account too, and verify it’s configured correctly.
  4. Wait until DNS updates so that the website appears to be running via third party registrar DNS
  5. Once done, delete the domain from your personal Cloudflare account. Both the DNS admin and the domain management.
  6. Have the business point nameservers on the third party domain registrar to Cloudflare’s nameservers recommended by the Cloudflare business account.
  7. Now the business can manage the website SAME DAY on Cloudflare (even though domain registrar is third party for 60 more days).
  8. 60 days later, get business to transfer from their third party registrar to Cloudflare.

RESULT: During the same day (<24 hours), business now can do Cloudflare rules/dns/Argo/etc management for a domain name under their business account, for a domain name formerly on a different (personal) Cloudflare account.

While this does not solve the registrar purgatory conondrum, this same-day solves the business’ ability to do Cloudflare management, on a domain name that was formerly on a separate personal Cloudflare account yesterday.


Note: Step 5 can be deferred (do step 6 and 7 first), if you want more time for DNS to propagate. However, once you do Step 5, all personal responsibilities cease – and the domain is conveniently only on business-owned services (business third party registrar and business Cloudflare).

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Guys… its time. People sell domains, or have multiple entities and need to move them around. This is not hard - just get it done already. You have enough support and outcry from the community.

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No, the solution is CF get their registrar act together. This is ridiculous to have to do this.