Feature Request: Publish Cloudflare Pages build system version, and add a newer system for choosing

I’ve been using Cloudflare Pages for a while and there are two points that have bothered me a lot:

1. Missing relevant information about build environment

Namely, what software is available in the build system. I once specified PYTHON_VERSION=3.9 as an environment variable for one of my sites, which led to the following error message:

Installing dependencies
/opt/build/bin/run-build-functions.sh: line 168: /opt/buildhome/python3.9/bin/activate: No such file or directory
Error setting python version from the PYTHON_VERSION environment variable
Please see https://github.com/netlify/build-image/#included-software for current versions
Failed: build command exited with code: 1

It’s rather uninformative. According to Cloudflare Documentation, I should be able to specify any available version, but it’s not given anywhere what versions are available. The linked in the error message is also dead.

It took me multiple tries to figure out that the build environment is actually a considerably old version of Netlify’s build image, based on Ubuntu Xenial. The available Python versions are 2.7, 3.5 and 3.7. Trying to specify any other version of Python will lead to the above error.

The feature request is, will Cloudflare make it clear that only selected versions of software (Python, Ruby, Node.js etc.) are available in the build image, as well as the list of available versions.

2. Add Ubuntu Focal environment as an alternative

For those who want (or depend) on newer versions of language runtime, such as Python 3.8 or PHP 8, the Netlify image based on Ubuntu Focal will come in handy.

Considering Xenial is already EOL back in April 2021 (excluding ESM), adding Focal as an alternative allows more up-to-date technologies to be utilized.


We fully understand the pain point here as we all use Pages too. An updated build image is on the roadmap but I do not have an ETA for it at this time.

As for the documentation, I fully agree we should be listing the supported versions. I’d suggest opening an issue on the docs repo so it can be looked at by the content team. Link: Issues · cloudflare/cloudflare-docs · GitHub

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