Feature request: Predefined Rules conditions similar to Lists

There’s one similarity between all different Rule based logic in Cloudflare which is the condition (or expression) for when the rule would be executed. Given the core usage of these Rules and conditions throughout the platform, it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain the logic.

For example, lets say our company’s internal users are bypassed from all WAF Rules as well as served different type of cache in Cache Rules. Internal users would be defined by either the ASN or the User-Agent and we’d have a condition that defines internal users based on an OR expression of the above the values. This expression would have to be expressed in the WAF Rules then again in the Cache Rules and then again in any of the other Rulesets if needed. Now imagine adding another condition for internal users, we’d have to modify all these rules separately to update the condition.

I suggest a new feature “Conditions” which would be similar to Lists, containing a list of conditions which can then be used as a flag in Rules. Obviously, in the background this would have to be evaluated at runtime, but it can be centralized and define on the account level or somewhere.

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