Feature Request: Pages deployment URL, could the URL be predicable

Feature Request:
If the deployment URL could be correlated to the commit or otherwise predicable, it would be wonderful as I don’t need to login to Cloudflare console to find the deployment URL. It would be easier to check staging page before updating changes to prod branch.

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This will be a very good feature addition, which will allow:

  • running tests (like broken link) on my website as part of CI/CD
  • running light house audit on the recently deployed URL & sending the report over any API

While it isn’t tied to the commit, there is a secondary URL tied to the branch. <branch>.<project>.pages.dev is available for you to use!

For example, if you push to development you will have a preview link of https://development.<project>.pages.dev
If you push to fix/issue-123 it’ll be fix-issue-123.<project>.pages.dev

Thanks for mentioning this @WalshyMVP. Didn’t know that such a feature exists in Cloudfare pages. Is it there in the documentation anywhere ?

In fact for many folks that I know, landed up using Netlify instead of Cloudfare pages just because they wanted to have this branch-domain-deployment feature.

Yep documentation can be found here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/pages/platform/preview-deployments#preview-aliases

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Thanks for that again :+1:

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