Feature_request(page_rules): lowercase URLs support, if real URLs no lowercase

1. Summary

It would be nice, if lowercase URLs will support, if real site URLs not lowercase.

2. Argumentation

URLs is case-sensitive. For example, https://kristinita.ru/Programs/KristinitaLuckyLink is not same as https://kristinita.ru/programs/kristinitaluckylink. If user visited second link, he will go to the 404 error page. I do not know how (apparently from social networks) visitors to my site get to page 404 due to the fact that they visit lowercase links instead of mixed-case.

To avoid this situation, some recommend linking only in lowercase. Another opinion — MoviesForYouToWatch.com/Batman-VII-The-Dark-Knight-Whatevers better than moviesforyoutowatch.com/batman-vii-the-dark-knight-whatevers.

3. Not helped

  1. Queries for Google and this community.
  2. Yes, I understand that .htaccess and nginx.conf can solve this problem, but it doesn’t work for static sites. I have GitHub Pages site, that doesn’t support custom server configuration files. What should developers of static sites do?

4. Expected behavior

Site visitor open https://kristinita.ru/programs/kristinitaluckylink:

  1. He will redirect to valid link https://kristinita.ru/Programs/KristinitaLuckyLink.
  2. Or he stayed in https://kristinita.ru/programs/kristinitaluckylink, but he sees the content of https://kristinita.ru/Programs/KristinitaLuckyLink, not 404 page.


How would you expect Cloudflare to guess at your intended URL casing? You could use Page Rules (one rule per URL, so this won’t scale) or workers to generate custom redirects…