Feature request: Login with Google

Dear all,

now since you’ve recently implemented OAuth/OIDC login with Apple to Dashboard, I kindly request that you add the login with Google accounts too.
Guess most Android user don’t have Apple accounts.

Thank you

If you edit your post to the #feedback:feature-request category then other users can vote on it. The more people interested in the feature the more likely it is to be implemented.

done. Thanks for the heads up!

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SSO with Google is already available on Enterprise Plans:

The Apple login is not part of this. I believe the Apple login is part of the iCloud Custom Email Domains project:


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yes, but I’m not an Enterprise and I would have to build it myself.
I don’t understand why login to the Dash via Apple supported from the scratch, while Google is not.

Furthermore, login via Apple is not supported by Zero Trust itself.

You can add this to the long list of “Why does Enterprise get xxx, while the rest of us don’t?”

Further evidence of this:

Would appreciate this feature - regardless of reason, having one provider but not other common one feels exclusionary. Or if no other providers are planned, maybe there ought to be a separate landing page for those users. It’s just quite confusing seeing only one provider there.

Quite interested blog. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for reading more…