Feature Request for email routing

Firstly I would like to thanks cloudflare team and all other maintainers,
I am currently forwarding emails from my server but from now I have no tention of receiving emails I will remove all MX records going to my server and only configure cloudflare mail routing.

Feature Request: -

  1. Allow us to route emails to multiple email address.
  2. Allow wild card to forward all emails from domain to particular email address.
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Better if you can set your topic category to “Feedback”.

Thanks for the suggestion, I changed the category.

+1 for these features, plus the ability to reply to those emails, as the wildcard recipient email (even as a paid feature).

@DadaJi check out simplelogin. It allows for both of your feature requests, but also the ability to reply back from your recipient inbox as any of those wildcard email addresses, replacing your real recipient inbox address with the wildcard (can keep your DNS hosted on cloudflare too!). This is an excellent privacy feature, and would be great to have more players in this space…

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I don’t want to send mail (coz my server will do it.), I am happy with forwarding in free plan nothing much just need the above 2 features and also I like simplelogin but I don’t want to manage one more account I like things in one place.

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