Feature request for Cloudflare 2025

Why cant Cloudflare launch Backoffice as a service and backend for games and metaverses?

1.Inventory Backoffice [Create/Manage and Distribute Inventory via GraphQL/gRPC api]

Commerce Backoffice

  • Sellable Inventory
  • Bookable Inventory
  • Downloadable Inventory
  • Rentable Inventory

the backend can be a very simple GRID to add/delete products and manage inventory
eg: Live spreadsheets in databases | Looker | Google Cloud

2.Cloudflare Console - [Functions and serverless management suite]

Cloudflare Workers Functions
Cloudflare Workers Triggers/Event Handler
Cloudflare Workers Data Pipeline - with visual pipeline builder
Cloudflare Database Orchestration - Sync database across internal/external networks

eg: http://appwrite.io/

3.Cloudflare DevSuite [a windows/Mac client tool to manage Cloudflare DevStack]
[please build for agency usage purpose not individual developer usage purpose]

Eg: https://firefoo.app/

4.Cloudflare Games [a clone of playfab.com]
To let game developers to build and use game baas

  • Single player service
  • Turn based service
  • Matchmaking service
  • Multiplayer service