[Feature Request] Folder Option with Tags & CORS for Cloudflare Images & Stream


Cloudflare has finally started working as CDN with full capacity. Firstly Cloudflare Stream and now Cloudflare Images. I guess with the power of so many Networks across the globe, they can now focus are a full-powered content hosting company as a CDN too like Akamai.

We were wondering it would be best if Cloudflare Images & Stream supports the “FOLDER” and “CORS” features so we can categorize and story videos/images inside specific folders just like how we do on Akamai or Amazon S3 Object Storage?

This will be a great help for companies with so much data who cannot just move to Cloudflare just due to the lack of management with folders and CORS.

So say for Images, it could be

For Videos/Stream

On top of all this, having CORS control to enable usage on specific sites for image delivery and videos would be much great since signed URLs can also be manipulated.
I hope this could be implemented soon.


I’m curious if adding folders to Cloudflare images is on the roadmap.

I have an S3 bucket with 50,000 images in 2,000 folders.