FEATURE REQUEST, extend domain registration upto 10 years, and does annual renewal work if multiyears before expire date?

Many of my businesses that I consult for want their domain to be at least 5 years paid in advance. I have and will continue to use OPENSRS reseller for creating new domains because that is not a feature you support, only transfers. I transferred one domain to try and I was extremely disappointed that the only way I can extend is to maybe transfer the domain back to another registrar, add years, wait 60 days and transfer back. The ability to renew for multiple years is a requirement, so unfortunately I cannot recommend moving domain registrations for my customers till that is implemented.
QUESTION. If I transfer a domain say with 5 years till expiration, you add a year making that 6 years… will it autorenew ever year for the cost+icann thus keeping it 5-6 years away from expiration, or will it wait 5 years then renew annually?

I was hoping to have my customers have Cloudflare for DNS&Registration as a total solution, I must encourage you to have this ability, else I can not recommend. Please let me know your status on multi-year extending and how annual renewal works.

Transferring will add a year, I would then expect to see Cloudflare not renew the domain until the auto-renewal comes into play.

At least from where I sit, there are no advantages of renewing in advance for any particularly duration except the fear of screwing up and not renewing – In this case, you have a far bigger problem and it is even more likely that it will be forgotten/neglected/missed if you kick the problem down the year several years.

I’d love to understand the use-case or situation where long-term renewals have any benefits other than “We’re worried we are too incompetent to keep our credit card information up to date at the registrar”

There was a somewhat lengthy discussion at How do I extend a domain registration to the maximum of 10 years?

Avoiding hikes in registration fees would be one reason.


IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER THAT PAYS YOU AND SAYS I WANT THIS, and you can’t do this, but a competitor can easily… You may not get paid. Is that not reason enough?

So what I am reading is that we should not recommend switching to Cloudflare for customers who want to extend domain registrations at this time.

I also am not clear on my other question. If I transfer a domain that has say 5 years… does Cloudflare bill and increase by one year every year, or wait till only one year left to renew? If so I could suggest increasing the years before transfer as a workaround.

"until the auto renewal comes into play’ - what does that mean, once a year or one year before expiration?

----------- see below, the answer is for now auto renew is just before it expires ------------

I am not sure if caps are necessary.

That is certainly up to you.

I am not sure about the question to be honest. Why should they charge you every year if the domain does not expire yet? If you transfer a domain with five years validity you will automatically get one additional year and then be charged once these six years have passed. @SamRhea, for confirmation.

Fear of screwing up may be a legitimate reason. Before Cloudflare opened the Registrar to the masses, it used to offer a tool to check whether a domain was secure enough. And one aspect it listed was whether the domain had at least 6 months before expiration date. But then, of course, Cloudflare was catering only to high profile, high value brand-name domains. And only talking 6 months, not 10 years.

The reason I’ve sometimes acquired a few domain-years ahead of time was to protect from price hikes, which if you live in a developing country may happen anytime, due to the unforeseeable nature of exchange-rate fluctuations.

How do we contact @SamRhea, for confirmation. Or how do we get official confirmation? If this information was on the Cloudflare website, I apologize but I did not find clarification of how autorenewal would proceed, I did find on the community pages that extended is not possible. So what is the policy of Cloudflare for renewal of domains that are transferred with two of more years before expiration?

Do I have to go to social media like twitter to ask instead of using Cloudflare forums?

I think I should have not used the forums, I should use support. The forums are unable to answer support questions like this. " to reach Cloudflare Support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support."

Well that was a catch 22

You go to “contact Cloudflare support”
You search and read related information, still don’t find an answer.
Then at bottom of support page it links to “Ask the Community” which brings you back to this forum… where so far no one knows either.

I could call sales… or I could try https://twitter.com/Cloudflare
but I have not found how to message support or call support direct for the answer and the support page does not suggest an email address, maybe if you have a business plan you get a support email address? It is a good thing this issue was not important. frustration

What level paid plan would give access and support to issues like this? $20, $200 or Enterprise? From what I read on the ‘plans’ page MAYBE ‘Business’ $200/mo would include " * Prioritized email support"

— read below, I need to file a support ticket, but had to go several clicks and pages to get to it —

Click the “Get More Help” blue button in the Get Additional Help section.

In reply to "I am not sure about the question to be honest. "

Let me ask the question this way then, does Cloudflare renew every year even if the domain has a few years before it expires?

… I just filed a support ticket… so no worries. I probably should have not come to the forums to ask, apologies but the support page suggest forums.

I am on this page, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us
I was logged in and clicked for support to to this page. I do not see "Get Additional Help section’ But yes if I search I do know see a “submit a request” which takes me to https://dash.cloudflare.com/8dfe66274a002fcf6a152feefa4019e5/support and now I see “Get more help” and after some more clicking I can get to “file a support ticket”
so I will file a support ticket and report back.
apologies, but it was not obvious how to ‘file a support ticket’
I do understand that unless you are a business customer to not expect priority on support tickets.
thank you sdayman.


Hi everyone,

1) Adding time
Definitely on our list; not ready yet today, but we understand why users would want to top off their registration

2) When will it renew?
If your domain expires in 2025, you transfer it and your new expiration is 2026, the next time you would pay Cloudflare for that domain would be 2026 (assuming you don’t add time to it between now and then). We don’t renew every year, we renew annually as your expiration approaches.

Hope that’s helpful.



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Silly sandro, if they added a year every year then they would charge. Seriously. But as I edited above, the forum just did not know the answer. I had to find how to submit a support ticket and they researched the answer. In short Cloudflare can not extend until it is expiring. So if your customer insists to renew annually years before expiration, Cloudflare will not do this.

There are many registers who will offer that feature, and some resellers who do so manually or by automated scripts, but of course charge more than Cloudflare does. I understand that it is “FREE” I also now understand that extending extra years is not possible unless you transfer away from Cloudflare after 60 days.

Thank you Cloudflare support for answering by support ticket, here it the response for the community to read:

rui (Cloudflare)

Mar 29, 9:29 AM PDT

Hi there,

Thanks for your patience here.

Our Registrar team have confirmed that the auto renew would only happen at the end of the expiry year.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance here and I’ll be glad to help.


Kind regards,

Rui Da Silva
Support Engineer | Cloudflare
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Thank you SamRgea for a ssuccinct answer

Thank you for considering a way to extend.
BTW, I would not mind paying extra for a “auto renew annually” feature or something even more complex like add X years when X years away from expire :wink: , yes most registrars do not offer that feature, but it would save the labor and calendaring to remember to extend it.

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Just to update this, the ability to add years does now seem to be available.

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