Feature request: Exporting Durable Objects’ persistent data

I just read through the Durable Objects documentation. I love the feature and love how clearly everything is explained. I do have one question about a feature that seems to be missing. If it’s missing, I’d hope to see it come in the future: exporting persistent data for offline reporting.

Larger companies often want to do offline queries of their data using a data warehouse. Typically they’ll use an efficient mechanism to clone their databases and possibly transform them in some way (ETL – Extract, Transform, Load) and make them available to developers, data scientists, etc. They will often run this export daily or sometimes more frequently.

Is there some way to export all persistent data from all instances of a group of Durable Objects for offline reporting? Requirements would include:

  1. Developers shouldn’t have to explicitly write export code in every Durable Object class.
  2. It’s ok if this is a paid feature but it shouldn’t impose an expensive burden on the system, such as instantiating every Durable Object instance that had previously been evicted because it hasn’t been used in a long time.