Feature Request: Email routing to a tunnel

When I signed up for the email beta, I thought it would be a little more Cloudflarey. I run a mail server, and I currently need to forward port 25 through my firewall to my mail server for incoming email. In its current form, the email forwarding beta doesn’t work for me, because I need to receive mail at a single domain not forward it between domains.

Email forwarding would be much more useful for me, if I could forward email to a Cloudflare tunnel. I’m already running cloudfared with multiple tunnels for a few websites. It would make sense to use a tunnel for incoming SMTP too.

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I am in the same situation and I would also love to see this as a feature. Currently, we are able to make due with forwarding to our team members personal inboxes, but I would love to be able to forward to a self-managed one.