Feature Request: Email Routing - Logs

With the introduction of Email Routing, it would be helpful to have the option available to turn on logging for email delivery. In particular, it would be handy to have the following information available:

Error Logs

  • If an email forwarded to an address was rejected by Cloudflare (i.e. caught by spam filter, SPF issues, etc)
  • If the email forwarded from Cloudflare to a provider (such as Gmail or Outlook) was rejected for some reason.

General Logs (Nice to have)

  • General logs confirming email delivery, with ability to select logging depth (i.e. time, origin server, alias the email is being sent to, etc).

Having this ability (paid or free) would allow easier troubleshooting and allow whole projects to be contained within the Cloudflare ecosystem instead of having to use third party providers.


I like this idea

We are planning to add logs to the dashboard.


Certainly required.
Just moved here from ImprovMX free — and found a lack of basic functionality :frowning:

Just saw that this is available starting last week.