Feature request: domain transfer between Cloudflare accounts

Hello Cloudflare team,

I am writing to request a feature that would allow domains to be transferred from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account. This is an important feature and needs to be added for the following reasons:

  • It would enable users to manage their domains more easily and efficiently, especially if they have multiple accounts or need to change their account details.
  • It would reduce the risk of losing domain settings or configurations when transferring domains between registrars or hosting providers.
  • It would provide more flexibility and control for users who want to share or delegate their domains with other users or collaborators.
  • It would enhance the security and privacy of users who want to transfer their domains to a different account without exposing their personal information or credentials.
  • It would improve the customer satisfaction and loyalty of users who value the convenience and reliability of Cloudflare services.

I hope you will consider this feature request and implement it as soon as possible. I believe it would benefit many users and make Cloudflare an even better platform for domain management.

Thank you for your attention and support.


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Yeah I’m really in need of this now that a customer asked a separate account.

Even if I just “add a domain” to the new account, it asks to change the nameservers (from Cloudflare to… Cloudflare…) but it’s impossible to change the nameservers of a Cloudflare registered domain (surprise surprise!)

I have literally 0 solution for my customer, it’s so so bad and embarrassing.

Found a solution: to transfer to another registrar (Google Domains in my case) which cost me 10£. Then it would need another 60 days to transfer again, but I’m actually going to keep it there as I created a Google account for that, and Google seems way more mature as a domain custodian. Google can transfer it without losing the configurations apparently (wait and see), and comes with a privacy mode out of the box.

Once the transfer is done, I suppose I will still have to change the nameservers (from Cloudflare to Cloudflare…) but that would preserve most DNS records. Hardest part is to copy the other configs indeed…

Hello @user32211, Cloudflare is aware of this limitation, and our engineering team is planning on how to support it.

  • It would provide more flexibility and control for users who want to share or delegate their domains with other users or collaborators.

For this part, our alternative would be to invite that user as a member of the account, with dedicated role permissions for that domain - Role scopes

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