Feature request: Docker Image for Cloudflare Workers


It would be good to have support for Docker Images on Cloudflare Workers.

Just like Azure Container Instances and Google Cloud Run, however, the container should only start on the first request with a die time if idle for x minutes.

Is this in plans already?


There several providers for what you are requesting, and is not getting a lot of traction. Try to contact the Unlimited Workers team, they might have an answer.

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Thanks for that.

How could I contact the Unlimited Workers Team?

As for Traction, to be honest, I think, Containerised setup seems to be the future.

Containers is more the Present.

Contact form below.

Agreed, but, not supported widely enough, which I hope will change as time progresses.

More the reason why Cloudflare should enter the game :wink:, as an alternative to products like Google Cloud Run.

I feel that the offer for Containers is now huge. What do you think?

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Yes, definitely.

A lot more software vendors are opting to have a containerised version of their software and even support it, with documentations and OOB setups.

Same with Cloud providers, they even provide orchestration for free like Azure K8s, but they ofc charge for the VMs.

Google Cloud Run for example, where the container just starts upon the first request and their charge for per request is quite low.

With Anthos, the push is even greater!

So, imo, if Cloudflare offered something like Cloud Run with neat features, I’ll be all for it. Some of my clients even run API on Google Cloud Run. I’ve been trying to get them to convert their code to NodeJS to run it on Cloudflare Workers… It has been a tough battle, as it doesn’t cut the ice sufficiently enough for them!


No, it is impossible.

The very reason of CloudFlare Workers existence is to avoid containers.
Containers are extremely slow to boot, process known as cold boot time.

If you prefer NodeJS and/or containers stay on Cloud Run.
If you prefer speed, and/or ESNext, stop using containers and try CloudFlare Workers.