Feature Request: Dark Mode!

Could you plssss add dark mode?

Wish granted:


Finally I can disable my dark mode plugin for dash.cloudflare.com

Edit: but not on dash.teams.cloudflare.com yet.


Not available in my acc yet, but am sure it will appear after a day or two.
The biggest take away I get reading the info is how much time CF staff must have on their hands to be able to go that deeply into colors! (I know it’s important, but our CEO would see it as anything but lol)
A different world! :rofl:

I swear it flashed dark when I first loaded Teams dashboard, then went light as it rendered the page.


That’s because cloudflare for team dashboard redirect to cloudflare to authenticate and as Cloudflare is dark now, you might have seen that.

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Now we just need a dark mode for the community forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t think I could read message boards in dark mode.

I tried to use a plugin to make it looks dark, but somehow it keeps flashing whenever I navigate to different pages within the forum.


That was quick wow

This feature has been requested for quite some time, but you’re lucky today.


Imagine a Cloudflare hacker theme…

Also, here’s a couple enhancements you should consider adding:

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