Feature Request: Consolidated Domain Billing (revisited)


Hello, this issue was proposed in 2020 and since then had gone stale. Now that new domains can be purchased through cloudflare perhaps this issue can be revisited.

The goal here is to have a single payment & invoice per year. There are different ways to achieve this. One proposed idea was using the SYNC command to migrate all compatible extensions to the same date.

The next issue after that would be to merge invoices on the same day to a single document.

This would save a lot of time and would further encourage cloudflare registrar’s popularity.


Yes! We need a version of this solution… multiple mini payments vs 1 or 2 large payments a year is costing us a lot of money… from transfer fees, work hours, and especially tax deductions (for which we do not qualify with these mini payments).

Our ideal solution is to be able to manually select domains, either by pasting a comma separated list or uploading a CSV file and then paying them in bulk.

We’d do this two to three times a year, for over 500 domains, whose expirations spread out throughout the entire year.

This is the fourth registrar we use as a company and is the first time we don’t have this option. Domain management has never felt so clunky.

Maybe @cs-cf can fill us in with any developments around this issue?

Chris is no longer working with Cloudflare FYI.

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I had no idea. I mentioned him because he was the cloudflare staff memeber who engaged in a related post.

Hopefully someone else can fill us in.