Feature Request: Consolidated Domain Billing (revisited 2)

Reposting this here per suggestion.

This issue was proposed in 2020 and since then had gone stale. Now that new domains can be purchased through cloudflare perhaps this issue can be revisited.

The goal here is to have a single payment & invoice per year. There are different ways to achieve this. One proposed idea was using the SYNC command to migrate all compatible extensions to the same date.

The next issue after that would be to merge invoices on the same day to a single document.

This would save a lot of time and would further encourage cloudflare registrar’s popularity…

This is an excellent idea that would make managing multiple domains so much easier, plus the accounting process.

For me, this is a real issue. I have xxxx domains that I am moving to Cloudflare, I’ve moved a few hundred so far - however the renewal process is already causing problems. This is because Cloudflare bill each transaction to my card individually. Some days, there may be 50 domains renewing.

The problem there is that my bank, and i suspect most others, start to decline transactions if there are too many in a short time. This means that auto renewal breaks and I have to renew the domain manually.

I get one invoice per day, multiple domain renewals.

That is what I meant as the issue. Sorry if I was not clear (and looking back I am confusing even myself).

Indeed, for accounting the bank transaction ideally should match the document to save time. Otherwise someone will need to make sure the sum of bank transactions to match the invoice.

One other issue for banks is if the amount billed is the same from the same source (domain renewals tend to cost the same). This is to prevent double charges etc. This aggravates what you described I think.

Come to think of it, this would save a lot of money since typically each transaction on a credit card has a fixed fee plus a percentage of the transaction. Cloudflare can have even more competitive pricing this way.

So in sum in an ideal world I would be invoiced once per year and that would be through a single invoice + transaction.

Well, thank you Cloudflare, (auto) domain renewals now seem to be processed in one transaction now.

Slowly but surely, Cloudflare is becoming a compelling option for those of us with a larger domain portfolio.

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