Feature Request - Command Palette


I have a feature i’d like in the Cloudflare dashboard. I use Cloudflare for a number of domains and sometimes (even with the new navigation) navigating between those domains can be a bit cumbersome. I’d like to suggest the Command Palette feature Github has, this would make navigating Cloudflare faster.


Features it should have:

  • Quickly navigate to another domain.
  • Quickly navigate to a specific setting / feature within Cloudflare.
  • Provide a few actions, such as toggling “I’m under attack” for example.
  • Quickly navigate to a specific setting / feature within Cloudflare, for another domain than the one currently selected. It could work the same as Github does it with repositories.

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Sounds good. Anyway, consider changing your topic category to “Feedback - Feature Request Submitting & Feedback” to make it more relevant.


Thanks! I’ve updated my post, somehow I did not see the search field in the category selector :slight_smile:

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