Feature Request : Cloudflare For Teams --> Gateway

Section : Gateway
Sub Section : Overview
Type of user : Home User

Use Case :
I am using Cloudflare for Teams/Gateway for getting visibility on what domains my home/personal devices are accessing. Some of the devices are used by adults and some are used by kids. I find this very useful to monitor the in and out traffic in these devices.

Feature Request :
In overview screen we see both Allowed Requests and Blocked Requests. At the bottom of the screen in a pie chart, it shows us in which categories these requests fall under.

It would be good to see what category a domain falls under in both these requests. I am very much interested in the blocked ones specifically and check if my kids are seeing only the things they are suppose to see.

Currently when you click view all for highest blocked, it shows a tabular data with columns Domain (name), Requests (count). It would be nice to have a column here as Category (name).

Another good to have, which of my devices accessed which of these domains. Currently all requests are aggregated together and shown info per gateway.

Kindly move this item to relevant group for visibility if required.

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Another idea is to add Date Timestamp as a column in the overview screen along with Domain, Request (counts) and category.