Feature request CF Pages: multiple sites from same repo

We want to deploy multiple version of our website from a single Github repo, but using different content based on environment settings. Currently this is not possible, CF Pages only allows one site per repo.

Did you see this recent post?


No, I didn’t. Thanks for pointing it out, looks to be close to our use case.

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Hey @elco, same issue as you I believe. I needed many sites in the wild talking to different networks.

Solution was pretty straightforward to use sub domains and then have different config loaded at runtime if the host matches one of them.

My sites were not static though. I could see this being a bit more complicated to set up.

Hope it helps.


Thanks, @mattdlockyer. I didn’t even know it was possible to use multiple subdomains. That sounds like a good solution you came up with. Though in my case, it won’t work as our sites are static.

FYI, I have talked with CF support about it and they’ve already discussed it in their Pages dev team as they see this as a very good use case.
Support then asked me to post a feature request here. Apparently, it’s likely that they will make this happen at some time in the future, though they can’t give an ETA.

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Good to know thanks. This will definitely improve the situation for statically generated sites and builds with customized ENVs :rocket: