[Feature Request] Add support for Railgun via UDP with

I’d love to see Railgun support UDP with application layer packet integrity similar to how OpenVPN functions when using UDP transport between hosts. In a nutshell, OpenVPN tunnel handles traffic sent through it, but implements verification of packets received through application-layer implementation and control of UDP packets. If an encapsulated payload packet (regardless of it being TCP,UDP,ICMP,etc) does not arrive, then OpenVPN network driver will resend the payload a second time over UDP. This ensures that the lack of packet received confirmations (which TCP does have and UDP does not have), are handled by the application level driver on both ends of the UDP tunnel. When the tunnel link between nodes is reliable, it allows for higher speeds of traffic sent through and lower latency. This is passed on to the higher layer applications which are sending traffic through the tunnel.

I think it would be worth while to see if Railgun performance (speed, throughput, and latency) can be accelerated further by implementing support for UDP connections from the railgun client to the Cloudflare network.