Feature Request: Actual billing notification for usage based billing combined

The notifications area is missing an actual billing notification for the predicted USD bill (or a threshold reached) in the current billing period for Business and Pro plans.

I know that I can configure notifications based on metrics for specific services, but an IT management person needs something like AWS and Azure billing notifications to prepare for an increased usage bill during the period.

Can you try the notification name Billing?

Customers who want to receive a notification when the usage of a product goes above a set level can use this notification.

You can choose the product that you want to be notified about and the threshold that fires the notification. Thresholds depend on the product chosen.

@hollynghiem Thanks. I know about these, and I know I can set up metrics alerts for specific services. It’s just that an IT management person at my customer cannot work with these numbers without creating multiple clarification questions in my direction. He doesn’t need to know what it means that we hit 5000k worker requests early in the billing period, but it’s incredibly useful information to know that we hit a 1000 USD usage-based bill by that point in time. As said – it’s something that AWS and Azure provide, and it would be great if Cloudflare could add it. So, my feature request still stands.