Feature: Email Routing - Multiple Catch-all Addresses

I was invited to try out the email routing and it has been working fine so far.

Me and my parents are running a small business where we’d like to receive all emails in each of our own personal email addresses.

Reason for the catch-all is because sometimes our clients misspelled our email addresses particularly our names, and for all of us to receive catch-all emails is because sometimes one of us might miss the email.

Would like ability to forward emails to multiple ids. This would remove the need for me to have postfix on my server which is only used to forward mails.

Use case? Netflix account shared by four users. Netflix mails sent to account mail id are forwarded to all four users. Since authorization is required for forwarded addresses, this should be safe to implement?


Will it be possible to forward email sent to one address on to multiple addresses?

This would be very handy for routing the same email to more than one person in a household.


I wanted to add a feature suggestion for email routing, it would be great if we could add multiple destination addresses for one email. Eg. [email protected] => [email protected], [email protected].
And also to be able to route an domain email to another domain email. Eg. [email protected] => [email protected] and [email protected] => [email protected].


Agreed this feature is a must for me. I have an address that sends messages to myself and my wife for accounts we share.


+1 to the request here.

It would be extremely useful to be able to forward to multiple accounts.


+1 - I do wish this was clearly documented.

I have just created {$my-name}-{$partner-name}.email to do that and create shared logins for our life. I’m now going to have to go back to mxroute.com which I found as the most superior option so far.

Once Cloudflare activate this feature I’ll be back as quick as a flash :zap:

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It will be great to be able to forward an email to multiple emails (with a limit of 5 to avoid spammers) (like an email list)

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This is the number1 feature nowadays!
I’ll shave my beard if you do it! :slight_smile:

I absolutely need to be able to forward most emails to more than one destination address, and 5 would be adequate, but why limit it to 5? All destination addresses must be authenticated, so spam should not be an issue. Anti-spam authentication could even be enhanced by something like limiting further destination addresses when there are more than 5 pending an authentication response.

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I just switched my name servers on one of my domains to try out Cloudflare. I’m really liking it, except I really need 2 email aliases at my domain to forward to 2 email addresses instead of just one.
I’d like to stay and transfer my domains to Cloudflare as well, but I really need this feature.

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I really love and appreciate the Email Routing feature!
I thought it would be very useful if we cloud route emails to multiple addresses, for instance, [email protected][email protected] and [email protected].
I would be very grateful if Cloudflare added this kind of feature!

Same here - I have switched from TSO Host a UK domain registrar who had this feature - it was enabled simply by using or deliminator between the destination addresses

+1 for me.