FDA secure email

Does anyone have experience configuring Cloudflare to work with FDA email? (sorry if I missed previous posts). Thanks.

What do you mean by FDA email?

FDA uses a secure system in order to communicate by email on active projects.

I’m not sure what you are looking for exactly, and have no clue about the system that FDA uses. If you are trying to get emails with Cloudflare’s Email routing, then something to keep in mind is that it forwards email only and doesn’t give you the option to send.

OK thank you. This is a rather specialized area - so not sure any in the community knows this. Again, appreciate your responding.

What are hoping to accomplish with Cloudflare and FDA mail?

What do you envision as the use case?

Not really from what I can see. FDA secure email appears to be one of two things, and neither can be configured in Cloudflare.

S/MIME, which is entirely a client side configuration.

Mandatory TLS. This is configuration on your mail server to ensure that all mail between you and FDA is sent over a TLS secured connection. You probably should not use any mail forwarding service like Cloudflare Email Routing in that setup.

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Thank you. I am not an IT person - so your perspective is helpful. I will look towards my email provider.

Thank you. I think another respondent clarified that this is not a cloudfare issue.

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