Fbclid cache missing

Hey guys,

I’m using APO and I noticed that Facebook traffic with the fbclid parameter generates a cache miss.

https://clubedoporkinho.com/creator-pro-ads/?utm_campaign=publico-frio&utm_source=face-insta-ads&utm_content=criativo&utm_medium=ads&sck=face-insta-ads-publico-frio&fbclid=IwAR2FNVFc30WslX6Z8ergiL89NGkltWK_WAhzprw_i4VAdx CMv8sMW2l4tWg

The APO documentation says there is support for fbclid:


About 90% of our traffic comes from Facebook, how can I fix this issue?


Just remove the segment above and try again, and you should see a cached response.

APO will not bypass cache if only parameters in that list are present in the query string. The above segment contains a parameter sck which is not listed, and that’s what is causing the request to bypass cache.


Wow!! Thank you very much!!

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