Favicon redirect loop

I need some help as for whatever reason whenever I enable Cloudflare on my site I get a white screen. This happens as soon as my hosting provider enables the namespace for Cloudflare I get the white screen. When I go into developer tools I get a few errors

The errors I get (not sure if this is a red herring) but one of them is redirect loop for my favicon file.

As of right now the only way I can get my WordPress website to load is if I put my nameservers to their default value. I am kinda at a loss because I thought it might be a plugin or something.

Here is what I have tried…

  1. Disabled all my plugins
  2. Deleted my .htaccess file (I backed it up before doing this).
  3. Cloudflare turned off Automatic http to https rewrite rule.

I really don’t know what else to try.

As mentioned before the only way I can get my WordPress website to load is pointing the nameservers to their default value (Non-Cloudflare).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

For quicker troubleshooting, don’t change the name servers away from Cloudflare. You can bypass Cloudflare via the Overview tab under Advanced -> “Pause Website”

If the domain is back on Cloudflare, post the URL and we can take a look at what might be happening.

I figured out what the problem was.

For whatever reason the I.P. address chosen in the DNS was wrong. I only have overwritten one IP and now my site is back up, but I don’t know if the SSL has been active or not.

There are two entries within Cloudflare in the DNS section. I have to figure out what the other IP address for that one is.

Not sure how Cloudflare figures out the IP address, but it has chosen incorrectly.

Just to put a bow on this. I think I should have done this from the beginning.

I put my name server back to its default value. I was able to pull all the DNS values from my server.

Basically coped all that information into my Cloudflare account. Should have done this from the beginning.

Thanks for the help.

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