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Good morning,

We work with Cloudflare with 8 websites. In all of them the favicon in Google results has disappeared after activating Cloudflare.
Example: https://www.elandfly.es

According to what I have been reading in the community I am not the only one who has had this problem.

Can anyone help us?
Is it a problem of caching the favicon?
Is Cloudflare blocking the “Google Favicon” agent?
Is there any way to use Cloudflare only as WAF and not cache anything or modify the headers?


Not by default. Anything that is blocked will appear on the Firewall tab of your Cloudflare Dashboard. Do you see any relevant logs?

Yes. You can create a Page Rule to set the Cache Level to Bypass.

Cloudflare will always add a number of diagnostic headers, which cannot be disabled. But they will not have any impact on your application.

FYI, when trying to test this I get redirected to a non-existent hostname. Perhaps something similar is happening to Google?
location: https://wwwelandfly.com/en-IE/?redirectedela=true


Hi There

You face same problem like mine, that some static content is not loaded


Thank you @user18735 for reporting this, can you please create a ticket so we can escalate this internally?


Hi @M4rt1n

Here is the ticket id 2348028. Please help me to escalate this


Just realised, that also, is your thread. Please wait, untill someone is replying to your ticket.

Also you should have a look at your console. Think this will help here a lot.

Good morning,

Thank you for your reply, I have already created the number: 2365763

I have received an answer that does not solve my problem. I use a payment account…

It is a big problem that Cloudflare does not recognize that there is a bug in this issue. I am not the only one, I have read this forum and google webmaster forum and there are many users complaining…

Absolutely nothing is detected in the firewall.

In the end I have opted to bypass the cache for everything favicon.

On other sites that I also use Cloudflare, yesterday I deactivated Cloudflare and google shows the icon in 24h. if it is not Cloudflare’s problem whose is it?

Thanks I will escalate it internally.

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This configuration has apparently worked for me. Also try to disable Cloudflare and detect in 24-48h if google shows your icon. You must force an indexing of your index.

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Hi @user22048

You face exactly like me, I have done many things to disable the most of the Cloudflare feature it didn’t help, until I deactivated Cloudflare all the resources is loaded in google. I have been reported this issue since last year with no luck until today. The support keep saying nothing is wrong. It is impacted on google ranking when google cant render your page properly because cant load the resources. Especially the website with client side rendering!

May I ask which Web browser and which search engine are you using to see favicons in the search results?
Is it on a desktop or mobile?

I haven’t heard for this one, or rather haven’t paid attention to it:

And as far as I see for your website favicon you followed the guidelines:

Same, just different:

@user18735 I would suggest you:

  1. Rename shortcut.ico to favicon.ico
  2. Put the renamed favicon.ico into the “public_html” directory too, so it could be accessible to Google Favicon bot by https://www.elandfly.com/favicon.ico → instead I got 404 not found now :wink:
  3. Make sure you are using the URL to the favicon as mentioned in the 2nd bullet on your homepage (currently redirects based on the visitor IP?)

From my example, I have https://www.domain.com/favicon.ico, it’s 16x16px and defined on each URL as :

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="https://www.domain.com/favicon.ico" sizes="16x16" title="Favicon" type="image/vnd.microsoft.icon">

It is accessible and it shows normally on Chrome web browser when I use Google search on my mobile phone.
→ not showing on desktop, nor Firefox mobile …

And my domain is using Cloudflare too.

At the end, cited from above link to the Developers Google:

A favicon isn’t guaranteed in search results, even if all guidelines are met.

So, it might not be related to Cloudflare at all.

I see your favicon on my mobile phone → when using Chrome web browser.
But, not on the Firefox → is it related to Google products only? Seems to me it is.

So, what’s the issue then?
On desktop → I am afraid they do not show favicon on desktop (anymore if they did), or they are still testing (mobile users first, then desktop?) this feature which might be visible some day.

NOTICE: I do see it only on the actual “news carousel section” for some news/media website.

Not to mention different OS like Android vs iOS which might affect this too in some way or another.

Chrome mobile:

Firefox mobile:

In case if needed, if there is any doubt, this tool is useful for creation/verification…

Fix this first, then try to re-submit your homepage.

Maybe you are missing “indexing” and “crawling” of your images (MIME types) by Googlebot-Image?

I am not aware how Google treats each and which one does it “catch” and “use”, but you also have multiple icons even defined as:

  1. shortcut icon - ico
  2. apple-touch-icon - png → multiple ones
  3. mask-icon
  4. site-manifest.json → defined 2 icons

Otherwise, if you still appear at Google, without the favicon, you are good and in much better position than people who cannot get on the 1st page of the Google Search results :wink:

Again, Google does not guarantee that a favicon will be visible in SERPs.
You can even have it on the 1st, but not on the 2nd result, or the favicon would be “default globe” instead of the one (but this might be seen as an error/issue in the GSC report/Console).

One more cite from

Our experimenting will begin today. Over the coming weeks, while we test, some might not see favicons while some might see them in different placements as we look to bring a modern look to desktop.

Source tweet:

Even more rigorous :eyes:

I am afraid favicon showing up in SERPs is completely controlled by Google search.

I just found a great article about favicons:


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