Faulty Order (Money Refund Request)

I have an faulty order for Subscription(200$/month) for em…rizm.com.
I deleted this site immediately and I never used Cloudflare services.

I can not click EDIT button for Subscription to cancel. Subscription’s Edit Click is disable now.

I wrote to [email protected] . But they do not answer to me.
Now what can I do ?
How can get my money back ?

Hi @yusufmacit, sorry for the trouble. You should also change your nameservers back to their default.

Can you share your ticket number here? I look for it. Also, if you received a reply from support, please respond back and confirm you’re still having issues. I don’t know how the team will respond, but I can get your ticket into the right queue with the team.

Edit: I see your tickets and the replies from the agents, also I merged them into the open ticket ending with 820 in order to not slow down the process with duplicate tickets.