Faster without CDN ☹


We’ve detected a delay on our website a few weeks ago with no reason, after several test I disable CDN to check if I detect something. As you can see in webpagetest result’s my page loads faster without CDN, how it can be possible? :frowning_face:


There is any way to debug this?

While not definitively the issue, your tests are on http:// (not https) for non-CDN. When using CDN, there’s 90ms when establishing TLS (SSL) and another 100ms for each new HTTPS connection. I guess this may be the problem (but the tradeoff of getting a secure connection is worth it imo).

Looking at the waterfall - the TTFB for your image files and static content is faster when on the CDN, and “Content Download” is much faster when on the CDN - 400ms for gt-america-standard-medium.woff2 when downloaded from your server, but 56ms when routed through CDN.

One thing really odd is that there are 6 different requests to the same page (your homepage). This doesn’t happen on a regular website.



Thanks for your response! I will fix that and redo the test.

Finally it’s fixed! Thanks Judge.

Actual test:


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