Faster propagate with orange cloud turned on?

Hi everyone, we are moving domains already using Cloudflare from one hosting provider to another.

And the new hosting provider are mentioning that the DNS records should be changed from grey to orange cloud when first moving in to their hosting environment because it increase the speed of propagation. Is this true?

If so, why did my previous hosting provider asked us to wait at least 30 mins before enabling orange cloud?

The actual act of changing from grey cloud to orange cloud will be like any other DNS change - it can take 30 minutes or more as every DNS server with a cache has that cache expire and pulls the new record.

BUT, if a record is already an orange cloud, and you update the DNS record (while keeping it an orange cloud) then propagation is indeed faster - generally only 10 seconds at most. This is because the DNS update isn’t a real DNS update, it’s Cloudflare changing what origin server it’s proxy servers are connecting to, and changing it on the dashboard is a PUSH operation to all the global CF datacenters. The actual DNS never changes, just Cloudflare’s configuration.


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