Faster performance

I have the Super Cache plugin and Cloudflare, but would like to improve performance. Do you have any tips for having a faster site without having to spend? The site is

Though you say you’re using a caching plugin, your homepage is returning a Cache-Control header with value: max-age=3, must-revalidate. A max-age of 3 seconds won’t go much far in terms of caching, especially considering the contents of your site. You need to check your caching plugin documentation and try to adjust its settings for optimal results.

On the Cloudflare front, you can use Cache Rules (beta) to cache your HTML at the edge, as well as enable Tiered Cache.

Last, keep in mind that a page with many ads will always have performance issues, as ads make many requests to third-party domains that are not proxied by Cloudflare. Consider using an ads management plugin to minimize the number of scripts per page.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what to do. I’ve made some changes since yesterday. could you check again?

I shouldn’t have problems with the number of ads, as until yesterday they were only in the iframe of the game. I have now added Adsense and automatic ad placement. I don’t even know if I have advertising on the site, just because it’s a recent addition.

Your pages are not being cached at the origin, and are not being cached at Cloudflare’s edge. This is the most significant step you can make to improve performance for your website.

You can try APO for WordPress, which not only caches your pages at the edge, but automatically updates whenever you update your content. APO is included on paid plans, and available as a paid add-on to the free plan.