Fast VPS or CDN

I recently moved my 5 domains to a vps (4 cores, 8192 MB, 300 GB) Also I make use of the free cloudflare service. I would like to upgrade to payed version, but at this moment I only see advantages in security, not in speed. Is that normal? Can my VPS be faster then a cdn?

You can upgrade your Cloudflare Plan per domain/Website.
The Pro plan from my perspective of usage, offers greater level of Security (Managed WAF Rules) and better Mobile optimizations like Polish and Mirage. Also, more Firewall and Page rules to use.
Nevertheless, a more detailed Analytics for a website too.

A short answer - no. I am afraid you are mixing few things right at the moment. Kindly, let me try to explain it in few sentences below.

VPS server is like a slice or piece of a cake (of a bare matal, dedicated server), has it’s own provided resources.
While a CDN is a content delivery network, which includes multiple edges (nodes, different networks, different servers across the Globe) and servers the content to the needed user from/to it’s nearest location.

For example, if your VPS is in Germany, a visitor to your Website would have your webpage serverd for example in 2.5 seconds, while a visitor from Australia much much longer due to the goegraphically distance, network latency, traffic, etc.

May I ask what are you trying to achieve?

Your VPS can stand few, if not, 10’s of websites/domains (depending on the traffic, usage, cache, I/O operations, network bandwidth, etc.)

You can use Cloudflare free plan for each of your domain/website, or for one of them Pro plan, others on Free, some on Business, as per needs and in combinations if you really want it to have like that.

Cloudflare can for sure, even at the Free plan help your website visitors a lot, also help to levarage your VPS by reducing constant I/O operations, network, CPU usage, etc. (being used as a CDN). Even to protect your VPS from directly HTTP DDoS traffic hits and much more (if your websites/domains are being proxied via Cloudflare).

When needed, you are free to upgrade/downgrade your Cloudflare plan at anytime :slight_smile:

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