Fast redirecting cloudflare using a script

Due to the fact that today was a failure, this situation affected our business, we suffered material losses and there were a lot of negative feedback from our customers.
I have a question, is there a solution so that I can quickly reconfigure Cloudflare, well, other DNS, or quickly disconnect in some way, so that the NS server of my hoster would start working?

I’m pretty sure there must be a solution.

Not that I can think of. You’re using Cloudflare’s Name Servers, and your site is set to :orange:. The trick would be to switch them to :grey:, but that requires the API, which goes through Cloudflare. Changing Name Servers takes hours.

I bet Cloudflare is extremely motivated to be sure this doesn’t happen again. Especially considering their material losses and negative feedback from their customers.

Overall, my Cloudflare uptime is six 9s, so it’s been pretty reliable for me.


thank you good answer reassured me.
But in general, is there such a mechanism, and should it be applied?

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