Fast on IP address but slow on domain name?

Hi all,

I am stuck at figuring out what is wrong.
(Am using both Linode + Cloudflare)

When I do a direct ip address request, here are my stats:
Initial Connection Time: 16.15ms
TTFB: 18.03ms

But when I do a domain lookup, the figures jumped:
Initial Connection Time: 330.54ms
TTFB: 437.25ms

My older site also using both Linode + Cloudflare (with similar settings) yielded the following:

Ip address:
Initial Connection Time: 10.32ms
TTFB: 11.23ms

Domain Name (with SSL):
Initial Connection Time: 62.91ms
TTFB: 55.30ms

Appreciate your help in this.

~50ms is the median overhead for SSL and the extra proxy between CF and your origin, so the second one is fine.

The first one seems anomalous. Assuming both use the same CF datacenter (test with and both ran at the same datacenter, this shouldn’t be happening.

We could look into the domain if you post it, or you could open a support ticket (click “get more help”) and they can help diagnose it.

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Thanks for the reply.

Did a more thorough check and found out that both are using different CF datacenters. The slower one has 5 additional hops.

I have opened a support ticket for them to look into this.

Thanks for the help once again.

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