Fast Google fonts

Hi all,

I want to implement the following on my site

Am I right in thinking I just slap that into a worker? I use Autoptimize and have the following setting enabled:

Will implementing this actually have a noticeable impact on page speed?


Hi @dipperdolphin,

Looking into your website the solution with Fast fonts worker should improve loading time of the site. So yes, adding worker will do the trick. I recommend testing both options for the best result (either in chrome devtools audits or webpagetest):

  • FastFonts worker + Autoptimize (Combine and preload in head)
  • FastFonts worker + Autoptimize (Combine and link in head)

I won’t be surprised that later option will produce better results because of H2 priorities issues with preloading in Chrome.

Please take a look at the recent announcement of font-display support for Google fonts. It improves loading times for first time users with better fonts fallbacks.

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Okay, I am implementing the worker and test it out.


What should I select for the route? Never used Workers before.


Edit: just added in there. How can I see if it is working? I am using AO with linking in the header, option 2.

Not seeing a speed improvement, even after cache clears. This seems to be the issue:

That’s the current major obstacle in page speed it seems.


Since your site probably uses Google Fonts on all its pages, and is set to redirect to www., then your route should be:*

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Thanks. I removed it as it didn’t have an impact, but will look at my other sites

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