FAQ: Annual Subscriptions

How do I change my domain plan from monthly to annual billing?

  1. Log into your Cloudflare dashboard and select your account and domain
  2. Go to “Overview”
  3. Under “Active Subscriptions” on the right sidebar, select “Change”
  4. Switch the toggle to “Annual”
  5. Choose the appropriate plan type (e.g., Pro, Business), then select “Continue”
  6. Select “Confirm”

You may also manage all your domain plans from the Billing Subscriptions page in the dashboard. For more information and visuals please refer to Cloudflare docs.

Why is my billing date for my annual subscription different from my billing date for my monthly plan?

Your account will have one billing cycle date for your monthly billing subscriptions and another billing cycle date for your annual billing subscriptions. Your billing cycle start date for annual subscriptions is the date you first purchase an annual subscription.

Are annual subscriptions available for add-on products?

We offer annual subscriptions for Page Rules and Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) if the corresponding domain plan is on an annual subscription.

Many of our other add-on products are not currently available as annual subscriptions since they are usage based (e.g. Argo, Image Resizing). This enables you to monitor usage on a monthly basis, avoiding unanticipated expenses at the end of the year.

What price will I be billed when my annual subscription renews?

At time of renewal, annual subscription prices for Pro and Business plans will remain the same: $240 per year for the Pro plan (essentially $20 per month) and $2,400 per year for the Business Plan (essentially $200 per month). We have no plans to increase pricing for annual subscriptions at this time.

Please keep in mind that when your annual subscription renews any credits available on your account will be applied to your bill.

When I switch from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription in the middle of a billing period, will I receive a credit for any remaining days on my monthly subscription? If so, how is this credit applied to my account?

Yes, when you switch from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription, we will credit you for any remaining days for which you’ve already paid. We will prorate the paid month.

Credits will be applied to the next charge billed to your account. In most cases, if you only have a single annual subscription for a domain plan then credits will be applied when your annual subscription renews.


Is January 14 last date for opting for annual billing? What if I choose the annual plan after that?


we switched from the “Free” to “Pro” Plan with annual billing on March 4th, however we haven’t received an invoice (nor is there one in the billings area on the dashbaord) … Cloudflare Support is not really helping either. Am I missing something or will I get my invoice then next year on March 4?

I unerstand there can be different billing cycles for monthly/annually but it doesn’t explain why there is no invoice to download. The money has left our account, so for accounting reasons we should be able to have an invoice.

Sorry if I’m missing something, but maybe someone can shine some light into this.

thank you!

Were you able to get this figured out, @user31310?