Family_Shield-like feature (at least on IPV6)

OpenDNS has a family-shield IPV4 address - a DNS address with some predefined content filtering. I would love that had a similar feature, at least on IPV6, which is currently not supported on OpenDNS. Thank you very much for your time!

Would be an interesting feature, my only recommendation of a replacement (until/if CF does this) is to look for apps/programs that block based on RTA labeled sites.

Thank you very much for your quick reply! While CF considers this feature, would you recommend one of those (hopefully only temporary) replacements in particular, or do you not know about that type of apps? BTW: interesting nickname and profile pic!

List of officially known/supported applications is at RTA (Restricted To Adults) - Self Labeling for Adult Entertainment Websites.


I ended up with K9 Web Protection, couldn’t find a better alternative on

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