Families vs Gateway on app

What is better to use on an iPhone with Warp+ app: cloudflare for families or gateway? What is the difference?

I mean as an individual, not as a team.

Hi @ijkenhj, Families is easiest to set up and will block malware and malicious content.

Cloudflare Gateway is a product that lets you customise what is blocked a lot more, but does require more configuration and is part of Cloudflare for Teams.

So when I, as an individual user, want to use it for malware blocking it is easier and as secure to us Families?

Families is definitely easier and I believe they use the same lists for malware blocking, you just won’t get control of exactly what is and isn’t blocked.

And, as I understand it right, Gateway is not very useful for adblocking?

I believe there is an option on Gateway Pro to block advertisments, but that’s not its primary aim.

Families works fine on Iphone Hope to see it on iMac soon.

You can use DNS on Mac for Families, just not with Warp. This is hopefully coming soon though!