False traffic reporting

I have become suspicious lately of the traffic statistics given in the analysis area of each domain registered with Cloudflare. I seem to be getting really good traffic to sites I’ve only just launched so I looked up the analysis on my latest registration which is "australiaonthewall.com. It tells me I had 891 unique visitors in the last 30 days. Trouble is I haven’t even built the site nor propagated it or activated it. It exists as a 403 forbidden only - can someone please how this can be?

There’s always a certain level of traffic from bots and crawlers, and it’s always more than you think it would be. That traffic doesn’t appear in something like Google Analytics, because that uses a Javascript beacon and thus doesn’t show bot traffic. When you compare data from something like Google Analytics with Cloudflare’s data, which “sees” all the requests to everything, the Cloudflare data will always show that noise.

For example, there are bots that just auto-scan domain after domain for Wordpress vulnerabilities. That alone can be thousands of requests in a week, and none of them will show up in Google Analytics, but you’ll see them in Cloudflare’s data.

Basically, those 891 visitors aren’t real people, they’re bots.

great explanation, thanks for your time.

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