False positive in Security Centre/Insight/DNS Email Security

Security Centre → Security Insights is throwing a No DMARC record detected entry like below:

However, there’s an existing dmarc entry that was manually created.

Speaking of which, the Email Security feature doesn’t detect existing _dmarc entries either.

What is your DMARC record?

There’s an ongoing discussion about Security Center notifications. It’s in Beta, and they’re aware of the DMARC issue.


Thanks for the report. The team is aware of the issue and we’re working on improving our DMARC (and SPF) detection logic. I’ll circle back here with an update once we’ve made some updates.

Please keep the feedback coming!


Just the standard:

_dmarc.<fqdn>.	300	IN	TXT	"v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; sp=none; fo=1; ri=3600; rua=mailto:Postmaster...

All the standard dmarc testers are able to detect it.

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