False positive Bot fight mode for manage definite bots

This is unacceptable false positive result, because google crawler has block.
I think there’s is a problem in my fire wall not working properly

and Another False Positive
Feed burner is detected as anomaly method
feed Burner is use by google to find fresh content and newly update page in the site. maybe I’m using Blogspot CMS that’s why they crawl my site in not natural method.

I think whitelisting him in the IP access rule is not a good solution due to the fact that he really should be whitelisted because he is essential to the site

That looks like a fake Googlebot. The ASN is DigitalOcean and I am not aware of Google using any third-party cloud providers for crawling.

I would say this request being blocked is definitely warranted.


Thank you Sir Albert, I am enlightened now

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