False Phishing Flag (Again)

One of my sites received a false phishing flag from Cloudflare in October 2020. This issue was immediately investigated resolved by our host (in October 2020). There was and is no phishing and it was an error on the part of Cloudflare. Because Cloudflare never marked the issue resolved in October it has again flagged our site for phishing in February 2021. For over 18 hours Cloudflare falsely warned our visitors not to visit our site for the same error it made in October 2020 and failed to mark resolved. Without any evidence of phishing whatsoever, Cloudflare’s “trust and safety” team is now asking us why our payment directory links to payment cites. Seriously?

There is simply no excuse for this type of incompetence as it takes less than five minutes to determine there was no phishing from our site which has been in operation for over 15 years.

Is it possible to announce the address of your site?

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