False Invoice Generation

So, I had invested in Cloudflare Pro for the Spectrum service for Minecraft DDoS protection. After the first invoice when buying Pro ($20), I assumed it would cost $20 on the next invoice cycle. On tiny print on the Spectrum page, it says it charges $1 for every GB used.

Next billing period comes around, I owe like $110 because of the data used, and I didn’t realize it charged $1 per GB until after. So, I paid that invoice on July 30th, and decided some time in August I’d cancel my service because it is way too expensive. August 29th and receive the confirmation email that my subscription will be cancelled on the 30th. Come August 30th, a new invoice has generated for about $190.

I’ve contacted sales about this, but it seems like the support agent that first responded completely glossed over what I had said in the initial ticket about how I had cancelled my subscription prior to the day the invoice was due. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

Spectrum is billed on actual usage. So since the last invoice you paid you continued to use Spectrum which incurred additional charges from July 30 through the day you cancelled.


Yeah that’s what I’m told. Absolute ■■■■■■■ scam of a service.

When you sign up for Spectrum, you get to see this page:

It gives you a heads-up about the service being billed per usage. At no point it’s a good idea to enable a pay-as-you-go service and forget about it.
You had a bad experience with Spectrum, but the same could have happened with any other Pay-as-you-go service (Argo, Cloud providers, marketing campaigns, you name it).

I’d argue that CF billing is generally very nice to observe and keep track of; I’m very confused about what made you think it’s a good idea to keep it enabled a month after being charged $110.

With that being said, I agree that the service is costly; the chances are that the PM who pushed Spectrum to the general audience had good faith in releasing the product but ignored the bandwidth consumption of the game (just like you did).

Can Cloudflare do better? Absolutely, it’s a shame that out of all the protocols available, MC is part of the “general” Spectrum availability; almost nobody can make good use of it right now.
However, there is a big difference between that and the service being a scam; Cloudflare isn’t as much to blame as you are for leaving the budget unnatended over the course of two months.


It’s not that I forgot about it, it’s the fact that they put it in the smallest print imaginable and then blame the client for not being aware. It didn’t make much sense for them to continue charging for usage after the point when the cancellation was requested, especially because it means Cloudflare is just going to assume you manually switch off Spectrum. I also couldn’t find anywhere in their terms and conditions about this particular service, only that they would not charge after the point of cancellation.

I was recommended Spectrum because my home hosting server was getting network attacks, but even Spectrum didn’t seem to stop that even when being hooked up to a 3rd party proxy.

You stated that you cancelled the service Aug 29, effective the day after, they will obviously charge you for usage up until Aug 29 (or Aug 30, technically). You left it active for almost 30 days after the previous invoice which was higher than what you expected. You should have cancelled it sooner, there isn’t much else to say here.

Should they cancel it themselves when they want to at random? You are the one responsible for enabling it, and then disabling it.

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You say “obviously”, but as someone who has never used this kind of service before as well as the very lacking terms and conditions in terms of this specific kind of service, it’s very deceptive. Also, apparently it wouldn’t have mattered when I cancelled the service because they would have charged for it anyway, which is something I also find stupid for reasons I’ve mentioned a few posts above.

They should cancel Spectrum at the point the cancellation was requested if they really care enough about their already expensive service. You’re right in the sense that it is technically my fault, but Christ it’s annoying that they do it the way they do.

The price isn’t the best, agreed (and I agree with @jnperamo above), but it’s written in multiple places that the pricing is per GB. And you agreed to those terms… if you are unfamiliar with something, you read the text just above the configuration section.

It’s not like you can cancel a service and have all the previous charges dropped. When you go to a restaurant, if you eat 95% of your meal and send the rest back because you don’t want that anymore, are they charging you for the meal? Yes, of course. You cancelled on the 29th, that’s the date it’s effective. If you were to have initiated the cancellation on the 1st, you wouldn’t have paid 190$.

The only ever time I saw the pricing system written anywhere was in small print on the Spectrum page, and I only noticed it after the initial July 30th invoice because of how absurd the price was.

The restaurant comparison was not accurate there, because they don’t charge you based on how much of a meal you finish :rofl:. They have a base price for the individual food.

The different dishes each have a different price, but each is a unit of food for the restaurant, you order one and you pay one even if you leave before finishing it. Same concept…

Which should have prompted you to cancel immediately or at least disable it. You didn’t so you pay 190$ more :slight_smile:

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It’s really not the same concept. You know the price in advance regardless of how much of the food you’re going to eat…

I thought the next month I could cancel it any time prior to the next invoice and not have to worry, and the terms and conditions seemed to support that. Just didn’t mention anything about subscriptions that charge based on usage.

That’s not how pay-per-GB service work…

Apparently so, and since this was my first time using such a service, not to mention the fact that there’s no way to know the price until after it’s been accumulated (which also depends entirely on the traffic your MC server gets), I didn’t expect it to be this batshit expensive.

One option would probably be to click the billing blue link just above the configuration page, where it tells you to go to read more details about the billing of the pay-per-GB service?

I saw that only after the fact. Plus, I’m not a particular fan of the way everything is laid out on the panel. Feels cluttered.

That’s your problem - not Cloudflare’s. If reading the conditions is too much in the first place, please do not complain in second place.

This product clearly is a pay-per-use product. That invoice IMHO is correct. You get invoiced what you used.


You’re right, it is my fault, but at the same time their method of displaying this stuff is ■■■. It’s very small, easy to gloss over, not mentioned in the terms and conditions, etc. You can defend the service and blame it on me as much as you’d like, doesn’t change that it’s a ■■■■ service.

service way of billing

Why did you buy it then? From reading your text, I guessed that you liked the service, but you don’t like paying for it?

Also, not liking “pay as you go” plans technically means, you don’t wanna pay for what you use… kind of weird. There are flexible paid plans and fixed paid plans. If you don’t like a service, or the way they charge for it, then don’t go for it and inform yourself before buying it. But you actually saw it the first month, you have been ok with it the first month and out of a sudden you are not ok with it the second month?

I can see you’re pissed off, but I guess that attitude will not get you far, especially if you want to have something that normally and according to the conditions is not granted.

I think this topic has run its course. Any billing issues have to be taken up with Billing Support. We have no influence over their decisions when it comes to billing disputes.

If you feel the issue has not been settled, please reply back on your existing ticket.