False Categorization being used as DoS on my site

Some “security analyst” has a beef with my site sorryantivaxxer.com and is using services like your DNS service to mislabel my size as a phishing site. He’s done this on Phishtank, IBM xForce, and Avira.

I’ve submitted a re-categorization request several times but nothing is happening. Please help me fix this problem.


A couple other people recently had trouble re-categorizing their domains.

Please send email to support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here so we can escalate it.

Ok. I reported to support at cloudflare dot com and the ticket number is 2356688

Bu the way it really sucks that your service can be hijacked so easily to do an effective Denial Of Service attack.

Same with Avira and others.

I’ve added that ticket to the escalation queue.

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This is getting frustrating.

So, I got an automated response to submit to Abuse. I tried but it says sorryantivaxxer.com is not on cloudflare. However, you still can’t get to my site using as the DNS resolver.

Please help

They incorrectly thought I was resporting a site that uses cloudflare. Please help me get this off of the Phishing category. It’s shouldn’t be this difficult. This can completely destroy businesses and it’s taken so lightly.


@sdayman already escalated your ticket but it’s the weekend, someone will likely have a look on Monday.

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Thank you. Does anyone but me recognize the weakness of this system for categorizing websites? I mean any anonymous person can go and categorize a legitimate site as “phishing” and apparently there is no check on the legitimacy of this change, and then it takes at least a week and maybe more to get it fixed?

I thought cloudflare was created to stop DoS attacks, now any schlub can shut down a site with one click of a mouse.

Come on!!!

What can I do? When I do as you say and report I get an automated response telling me to fill out an “abuse form” which I can only do if my site is on Cloudflare, which its not and I don’t want to pay for it to be on cloudflare.

How the ■■■■ do I get this site categorized correctly so that people can actually get to it???


Two days later and nothing.

I noticed your tickets with Support and have merged them into 2357002 as multiple tickets slow the replies for you and other customers as well.

You reported it here, report.teams.cloudflare.com?

I generally report at radar.Cloudflare.com. Are those the same mechanism?

EDIT: It looks like that teams link redirects to radar.

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Yes. I did, many many times.

Can you guys not contact them directly?

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Hello I have replied in the ticket. The request rather seems unclear currently. Kindly clarify in the ticket. We can work on the ticket.

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