False {ACTION REQUIRED} message?

Ok, this is great! My worker exceeded limits and get this without any warning on the dashboard! This is what I see on the dashboard

This was the first warning

Second warning

And finally, the “{ACTION REQUIRED}” email

However, when I try to reach a worker (I.E: https://aboutrock2.submarine.workers.dev/) it loads just fine!

Now, IF it’s a false alarm why is it reminding me about something that requires my attention when it doesn’t require my attention and there is no issue!

Also to ensure that if it’s just that one workers that’s available, I’ll provide the links of all of my workers below (just don’t DDOS me!) :wink:

Links to my workers

I want to know if this is a false alarm by Cloudflare and if my worker hasn’t exceeded limits or if it’s just me that’s able to reach the workers!

I have passed this onto the team :+1:


Let me know when you have received a reply regarding this issue!