False abuse mail

Please read carefully.

I got an abuse mail that said the domain is reported as phishing. But that domain is expired few days ago & i didn’t renew it. So i’m not the current owner of that domain & also i didn’t use that domain from 6-7 months.

As i didnt use the domain for anything in last 6-7 months & after expiring, i didnr renew it & the domain is not in my account currently. then why i got this email?

I’m afraid of my account suspension. Will it cause any problem with my account? kindly help anyone please.

[8e35e5122df4e6b8]: Cloudflare received a phishing report regarding your site.


Is the domain still added to your Cloudflare account even though you did not renew it? I would recommend replying to Trust & Safety with your concerns about this.

they replied that & i said that i didnt renew it & its not in my acc also. i didnt use this domain for 6-7months.

Glad to see this has been acknowledged and resolved by them.

but still i’m not clear about that my acc will cause any issue for that? i’m afraid of my acc suspension. from their reply, i’m not clear what they said :disappointed:

I would assume that the fact that they have acknowledged the domain is not under your control any more means that they have removed any flags from your account.

is there any way so that i can be cleared about that?

Only by replying to them. No one other than Trust & Safety can see the details or your conversation and we cannot help here.

can you req them to clarify me please :blush:

No, the community has no access to Trust & Safety. You can only discuss this further by replying to the ticket.

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