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unfortunately my english is very bad and so i translated my request with google translator.

I used to host the website www.tickets-und-zugangskarten.de with another provider.
I canceled the website there.
Unfortunately, this website still exists on the web with my data.
My name can also be found in the imprint.
The entire content is still the same as before my termination.
How can the entire content of this page disappear from the web to prevent warnings?
I hope you can help me with my problem.
DNS moderately shows the domain to Cloudflare.

Excuse me,

the domain name is not tickets-und-zugangskarten and was incorrectly translated by Google.

Correct is tickets-und-eintrittskarten

It’s not entirely clear what the issue is, but you might try this tool Liberate the Hostname described in this link.

If that isn’t the issue can you try describing the issue again in Deutsche? There are several folks who speak it in the forums and it may be possible to provide more detail if my best guess link above doesn’t solve the issue.

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