Fallback DNS record for custom nameservers



For those of us using the custom nameservers option, a nice (and highly useful feature) would be to have the option of configuring a “fallback” DNS record for them.

This would essentially provide the ability to have any domain that was pointed to our custom name servers, that WASN’T configured in CloudFlare, would automatically resolve using the DNS settings of the fallback record.


  1. I set up custom nameservers ns1.customdomain.com and ns2.customdomain.com within CloudFlare.

  2. I create a fallback DNS record for those name servers; For example, an A record for @ and www which resolves to

  3. Once this is done, ANY domain that’s pointed to ns1.customdomain.com / ns2.customdomain.com (that isn’t configured with its own DNS settings in CloudFlare), would serve the fallback record and automatically resolve to

Is this possible? I used to do something similar to this with SQLDNS, the goal being so domains could resolve to a specific IP just by changing the name server at the registrar (without having to go through setting up DNS records every time for every domain). Ie, anything that points to ns1.customdomain.com/ns2.customdomain.com will resolve to with no individual configuration.