Fake website

We opened a ticket 5 days ago because of a fake website. Unfortunately, many victims have already reported but I have not heard back from Cloudflare. does anyone know what i can do Thanks

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Cloudflare doesn’t host websites and has no control over their content.

However, I do not see a recent Support ticket from you, but if you’ve submitted a report via Cloudflare’s abuse form, the Trust and Safety team will review your case, though you may not receive further replies and for the privacy of everyone involved, neither Support nor anyone on the Community has visibility into discussions with our Trust & Safety team.

They typically forward such concerns to the hosting company who then needs to act accordingly. You might also want to report the fake website to your local authorities.

thank you. Can I send you the Case no? We have many victims today alone and I fear there will be more every hour

Sorry, I don’t have any visibility into the reports with the Trust & Safety team. That you received a reply and a tracking number verifies that the report did reach the team and they review every submission.

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